Atheus Ministerium

The Atheus Ministerium was formed to ordain atheist ministers. The ministerium's purpose is to build collegiality and religious authority within the atheist community. The ministerium is charged with the examination, licensure, and ordination of candidates for the atheist ministry.

Live without delusion.

There are no cosmic consequences.
atheist church
atheist church
atheist church

There is no god.

  • Science explains a universe without god.
  • Life formed and evolved without god.
  • Biblical fallacies disproves the Bible.
  • Religion evolved out of Stone Age magic.

There is no human soul.

  • Life formed by abiogenesis.
  • Complexity evolved.
  • All earthly life shares a common origin.
  • There is no intended cosmic purpose for life.

There is no eternal life.

  • On average, people live 30,000 days.
  • A day lost cannot be regained.
  • Existence is finite, and should not be squandered.
  • When death occurs, that is it; there is nothing else.