Atheus Ministerium is an ecumenical secular humanist organization. The Ministerium is the accrediting body of atheist clergy charged with the examination and licensure of candidates seeking ordination as atheist clerics.

Roles & Responsibilities

Atheist Ministers may perform some or all of the following duties:

  • assist in coordinating volunteers and community groups
  • assist in any general administrative service
  • conduct marriage ceremonies, funerals and memorial services, and confirming young people as members of the atheist community
  • encourage local community endeavors
  • engage in welfare and community services activities of communities
  • establish new local atheist groups
  • keep records as required by civil law
  • plan and conduct services of public gatherings
  • preside over atheist ordinances
  • provide leadership to atheist groups in the community
  • refer people to community support services, psychologists or doctors
  • research and study evolution of life, science and evolution of religion
  • supervise discussion groups, retreats and seminars, and provide atheist instruction
  • teach on atheological subjects
  • train leaders for community and youth leadership
  • work on developing relationships and networks within the nonreligious community
  • provide personal support to people in crises, such as illness, bereavement and family breakdown
  • visit the sick and elderly to counsel and comfort them and their families
  • administer Last Rites when designated to do so