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Serve your community as an ordained atheist minister.



  • There is NO god
  • There is NO human soul
  • There will be NO eternal life
  • All Life evolved from a common origin


The Domestication Of Man

There is ample scientific research showing the domestication of dogs and cattle. In a similar way, mankind was also domesticated. But, mankind inadvertently domesticated himself through a sedentary, agriculture-based, communal living.

Prehistoric man surrendered the impulses of “Survival of the Fittest” and focused on communal survival. In addition, these early human societies often expressed “communal authority” in terms of magic, which itself evolved into world religions. The effects of the decisions made, which focused on the well-being of the community, had an evolutionary affect upon humans. Mankind evolved from barbarous bands of prehistoric hunter-gatherers to civilized societies.

The core human nature of domesticated humans is to ensure survival of the community. So, while Atheists clearly understand understand that there is no cosmic consequences for crimes against their neighbors, Atheists are also acutely aware that the ethical treatment of other people is an essential quality in domesticated man, the very quality that ensures our evolutionary survival.


Service to the Community

The primary reason people want to become ordained is to officiate over wedding ceremonies. And, the primary reason for doing so is to earn a little extra money. But, the ministry is so much more. 

Atheists, like everyone else, get sick. There is a need in every community for atheist chaplains to visit atheists in the hospitals. While atheists do not pray or perform other magic acts to promote faster healing, atheists understand the most important aspect of visitations is to simply listen to the patient so that patient can work through the grieving process. 

Remember, religious clerics rarely advertise their wedding officiant services. It is through hospital visits and other community services that the community will begin to recognize the newly ordained atheist minister as a community authority that they would be honored to have officiate over the weddings of their family members.

“We want you to do our wedding because you visited Uncle Joe in the hospital.”

Building a ministry upon which one can base an income is no small feat. Building a ministry takes commitment and a very long time. 


The Pledge for becoming an Atheist Cleric

By applying for Ordination as an Atheist Minister, the applicant affirms to the following:

  • I am an Atheist.
  • I will promote the core beliefs of this Ministerium, that – There is NO god. There is NO human soul. There will be NO eternal life.
  • I will promote ethical behavior as an essential human quality.
  • I will NOT engage in any act that promotes a magic-based, religious paradigm.

Disclosure: Applicants that provide false information are disavowed by this Ministerium.

Notice: To maintain ordination, the Atheist Minister is responsible for maintaining valid, up-to-date information with Ministerium.


It was that easy. You can now consider yourself ordained by the Atheist Ministerium.
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